MAC Unsung Heroes: Clear Gloss Creme Brilliance :

Now let's talk about a MAC unsung hero. I love playing with pigments and lipsticks, I love making my own custom lip colours and as a pro, it's a skill that is definitely needed. 

This is the MAC Gloss Creme Brilliance. Not to be confused with Clear Lipglass, which is very different . This is a multi-use pro product from MAC and I LOVE it.

 It can be used alone on the face, lids and even the body to create shine anywhere it's needed. It's really good for editorial looks , you know those glossy lids that catch the light just so! Gosh, I love makeup!!! 

Okay, back to the subject. It can also be used for making custom lip or eye products. 

 What I use it for is to make custom lip colours with pigments to use either on their own or use as lip toppers with existing lip products. 

Blended out

It comes in a squeeze tube as shown above. Unlike the clear lip glass, it has a very smooth, silky texture but not sticky or tacky at all; which is the way the clear lipglass comes out. 

When blended out, it gives a nice shine, that super glossy, vinyl-like finish like the lipglass (which is really nice for certain lip looks).  It has no scent ( at least not noticeable to me). 

 I believe it's a Pro product and can be got from all MAC Pro Stores but also online at

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