Foundation Series: Face Atelier Pro Ultra Foundation Adjusters

Hi guys,

So I decided to start a new series focused on foundation.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who is still seeking for that perfect shade of foundation that matches absolutely perfectly giving us that perfect complexion. Well, I'm still looking. I have a few that come very close but I still haven't found "The One", which brings me to today's post.

Many moons ago while building my Pro Makeup kit, I came across Face Atelier Pro Ultra Foundations which come in a variety of shades and four shade adjusters: Zero Minus, Zero Plus, Heat and Zero Plus Plus.

 Face Atelier offers 16 shades of the Pro Ultra Foundation, the above are just the 4 colour adjusters.

Zero Plus can be used to lighten foundation, however, I find that when using this to lighten foundation for darker skin tones, you have to be very careful to avoid turning the shade "ashy". You may then need to add "Heat" (which happens to be my favourite) to warm it up again.

As I said above, Heat is used to warm up colours that are cooler. It's very good for colour correction on darker skin tones. And it can also be used as a blush. I personally use this to warm up my Covergirl Outlast 3-in-1 foundation which is a little too yellow for me.

Just adding a drop of Heat to my foundation warms it up perfectly to my golden undertone. I would say that before you mix this with any liquid foundation, be sure that they formulas are similar. the Face Atelier Pro foundations are silicone based, so they would mix well with a similar formula. (They work very well with Make Up Forever HD foundation and Marc Jacobs Genius Gel). If you mix it in with a water based foundation, be sure it's blended in VERY well because after a while, it will start to separate on the skin when it gets in contact with oils from the skin.

Zero Plus works quite well on it's own as a foundation for my skin tone. It may suit MAC NC45 to NC 50 (depending on your undertone). It has a gorgeous skin-like, silky, satin finish (Can you tell that I  really love the finish, lol) and wears well during the day. If you have oily skin and/or live in a hot, humid climate ( like I do) I would suggest using a mattifying primer underneath and/or setting with a light layer of powder). They also photograph beautifully because they do not contain any SPF.

Zero Plus Plus can be used t darken foundations or by itself as a foundation  for very deep chocolate skin tones, but again, I would suggest to have Heat on standby so it doesn't come out looking ashy.
It can also be used as a contour shade.

I hope this post was helpful, I'd love to hear from you below.

Face Atelier Pro Ultra Foundation can be purchased at Camera Ready CosmeticsFace Atelier. Unfortunately I have not seen any stockists here in Nigeria.


  1. Heat has my attention.. I have too many yellow tone foundation I cant use, Heat will definitely be nice to warm them up..

    1. Yes it definitely will. Thanks for stopping by!!!!

  2. This is definitely very good to know. I'll have to keep an eye out for this for my Revlon Colorstay. I did however find a foundation that works - Maybelline matte and poreless in the shade toffee. Definitely a perfect match for everyday makeup.

    1. Oooh nice.Heard great things about the Matte and Poreless. And being drugstore is such a plus!!! Ordered one to try, yet to arrive. Thanks for stoping by!!