MakeUp Forever Mist & Fix Review

Hey everyone,

Welcome back to my blog.With oily skin and living in a very hot and humid climate,  I'm constantly looking for ways to keep my makeup looking fresh and oil free for as long  I can.

After several bad experiences with some other setting sprays, I picked up the the MUFE Mist& Fix travel size bottle, from the checkout aisle at Sephora.

Product Description:

What MUFE says:

"This light and comfortable mist seals the makeup and keeps it in place by coating the skin with a weightless and invisible film. The mist provides a continuous protection for the makeup and skin against external attacks (pollution, temperature creating a colorless and imperceptible shield made from active hydrating ingredients."

I use it as the as the last step in my makeup routine, I hold it at arm's length (literally) and spray in an "x" over my face (after doing all my makeup). 

On me, I find that , it delivers a very fine mist, distributes evenly over the skin and dries in seconds. It also takes away that powdery look you get after setting your foundation with powder. It sets my makeup well and really does increase it's longevity throughout the day. If after spraying, I find that it makes me a little dewy, I just blot with 1-ply of tissue paper and everything's fine. To my pleasant surprise, it didn't make my super sensitive skin break-out ( I broke out terribly with MAC's Fix + Spray). I like this so much that I purchased the full-size bottle.

I find that the only thing I don't like about it is the price: a 4 oz bottle will set you back:

 $30 at Sephora stores and on 

In the UK at Debenham's on Oxford Street and on debenham' for GBP 19. 
 In Nigeria, you can find it HERE

But I think it's worth every penny. What setting sprays do you use? I'd love to know. 


  1. I'm side eyeing the price like Maka why? I use ELF's setting spray for $3 but tbh haven't felt the need to use a setting spray in a while since I discovered Becca primer. The Elf one is good though. Have you tried it?

    1. Yeah the price is not cute at all. I haven't tried the Elf one, will definitely try it when this bottle is done. Also going to try the NYX one. And that Becca primer is serious business oh!!!

  2. I use the Skindanavia primers. Loveee. But I love Makeup Forever so much.