My Favourite Brushes: Face

Hi everyone,

So I was doing the arduous glorious  task of washing my dirty makeup brushes and I decided to share with you some of my favourite brushes. I'll do them in two categories: face and eyes.

I have quite a few brushes but these are the face brushes that I reach for the most.

1. Elf Powder Brush

This is by far one of my favourite brushes for applying liquid foundation and buffig in both liquid and cream foundations. And the best thing about it is the price, in the US it's only $3 from Target stores and 3.75 GBP on

2.  Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

RT Expert Face Brush
Another one of my favourite face brushes is the Real Techniques Expert Face brush. This brush is great for full coverage and air brushed looks. When using this brush, you only need a little bit of product because the bristles are synthetic, so  half of the foundation is not absorbed into the bristles. It distributes product so evenly and makes your skin look flawless. Absolutely love it!

3. Real Techniques Buffing Brush

I use this brush for liquid, cream and powder foundations. I use this with liquid foundations when I don't really want that full-on full coverage look, just something a little better than medium coverage. It's particularly great with cream -to-powder and powder foundations. It buffs in cream foundations like a dream. And when I don't have the time for liquid bases, it works very well with my MAC Studiofix Powder or MakeUp Forever Duo Mat powder. Just spritz your face with MAC Fix+ , Evian facial spray or any facial spray and buff in the powder into your skin. Gives a really nice coverage. This brush comes with the Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman Core Collection.

4. Real Techniques Multi Task Brush

This is one of my favourite brushes to use,especially when travelling and I don't want to take a million brushes just to use on my face. It's shaped very cleverly. Like most RT brushes, this brush can be used for applying powder, blush, contour and even highlighter (with a very very light and steady hand).

Unfortunately, this brush also cannot be purchased alone. It comes with the Travel Collection Brush Kit.

5. Real Techniques Setting Brush

 I use this brush to set my under eye concealer and apply highlighter. It's very small and tapered and does the job quickly and effectively. It's particularly good for highlighting because it's small enough to deposit the product just where you need it, so you don't end up looking like a disco ball.

So these are the 5 face brushes that I reach for most of the time when I do my makeup. What are your favourite brushes? 


  1. I have the ELF brush. I'm taking notes o. Definitely gotta do better with using brushes to apply makeup. I'm usually a "finger" gal...tsk tsk.

  2. Madam, you have to try Sigma F80 flat top synthetic kabuki brush!Your life (well, make up life) will never be the same again!

    1. I got the angled one, can't remember the number F84 or so. And I am in love! So soft, does the job, definitely getting the F80 and the rest for my kit. Thanks Babe!

  3. oooh!! Great Tip about spritzing on some face spray when using the buffing brush with powder foundation. But do you spritz before or after you put the foundation on... Sorry, I like to learn the deets, then adapt it to suit me :) xx

    1. Hiya. Thanks for stopping by. I spritz it on right before so that it doesn't give that cakey look and it spreads easier and it looks more natural. And then I still feel it looks cakey, I'll do one ore spritz to set it. No need to apologize, keep em coming. :-)

  4. It is 2016 and the Elf powder brush is still my favourite Foundation Brush. I have not tapped into the Beauty Blender craze yet.