MAC PRO Lip Palettes: Swatches

Hi Everyone, 

I know it's been ages and I really apologize. Life kinda got the best of me, but I'm back now and I'll be more regular with my posts. 

As a lot of you already know, MAC recently added some PRO products on the regular MAC site (yayyyyy!!) so I got myself a few goodies for myself and my kit. 

Some of those goodies are 3 of the 5 Pro Lip Palettes that were recently released. 

I got Editorial Oranges (left), Editorial Reds (middle) and Preferred Pinks (right).

They retail for $40 each and can be purchased from and probably the MAC Pro Stores (the freestanding ones).

I think this was a great idea for MAC to put out these lip palettes and make them easily available to regular people who are not Pro members. I think it's also a good way to try some lipstick colours you may have been interested in but not ready to pay $15 for a tube of lipstick. We hardly ever finish full tubes anyway, except for those everyday lipsticks.

Now on to the swatches....

The following are the finishes in which the lip colours come in. If you're familiar with MAC lipsticks, you'll know what finishes are like. That will be another post.

A=Amplified, L- Lustre, M=Matte, F=Frost , CS= Creme Sheen, SS =Sheen Supreme, S= Satin

Preferred Pinks

L-R:  Pretty Please (L), Lovelorn (L),Show Orchid (A),Please Me (M), Creme De La Femme (F), Violetta (A)

Editorial Oranges
L-R: Sandy B (F), Morange (A), Look AT Her! (SS), Crosswires (CS), So Chaud (M), Bronze Shimmer (F)

Editorial Reds

L-R: Lady Danger (M), Russian Red (M), Ruby Woo (M),On Hold (CS),MAC Red (S),Dare You (CS)

I'm considering getting the Editorial Browns but I'm not sure yet. Overall, I really like these palettes and I like the fact that they are a MAJOR space saver.  

I hope this was helpful if you're thinking of getting any of these. If you have, please share your thoughts, I'd love to know. See you soon! xx


  1. I like the concept. Nice way to own a bunch of the bestsellers in a palette. I have most of the editorial reds so if I was to buy any of these, it would definitely be the pinks.

    1. Thanks for you feedback.same thing with the nudes,I have quite a few so I might as well make my own palette.

  2. Nice blog, I'm a devoted Mac girl too, great to see all the new stuff here. One thing though, would you consider changing your background? It's awesome and all but text doesn't show up well against it so your posts are difficult to read, all I see are pictures.

    Congrats for taking the plunge and starting a blog

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Yeah,was thinking the same thing,will change the background. And thanks for stopping by. I luuuurv ur blog.

  3. Most of my blushes and eyes shadow are from mac but for some reason,I rarely buy their lip colors(except for the lip glass).I just might give the lip palettes a try.I am already loving lovelorn from the preferred pink swatch

    1. yeah, i think they're a good way to try some shades you might be interested in.